Lift Off Q2 2024 Event

Heathrow’s SME Engagement team helped to successfully host and run the second Heathrow Lift Off Event this year, bringing together industry leaders and business owners. The event focused on shaping the future of passenger experience at Heathrow Airport. A highlight was the Lift Off Learner’s Challenge, where students from HRUC presented accessibility improvement ideas based on their own lived experiences. This program provided the students with valuable experience and helped prepare them for fruitful careers in aviation.

The remainder of the Lift Off event centered on the theme of “passenger experience.” It featured two segments:

  • Independent Journeys – featuring captivating presentations by 360 Virtual Tours, Roma Medical Aids Ltd and iStrat Consulting to our panel of experts.
  • Smooth Connections – with Pindar, Journeo and LB Foster showcasing their offerings, aligning with our refreshed strategy.

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Lift Off Q1 2024 Event

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of our inaugural Lift Off event for 2024 at Heathrow’s headquarters. The event centred around the theme of Sustainability and was structured into two distinct segments.

During the morning session, our focus was on “Zero Waste,” featuring captivating presentations by Moree, Enviro-Point, and Amalga to our esteemed panel of experts. In the afternoon, attention shifted to the “Construction & Energy” space, with Rype Office, Syntech Biofuel, and PowerQuad showcasing their contributions, all in alignment with our sustainability mission.

Attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand the innovative initiatives driving Heathrow’s growth, setting the stage for a future filled with possibilities. If you’re interested in participating in future Lift Off events, we encourage you to register your company on CompeteFor.

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Heathrow Business Summit and Lift Off Q4

The 25th edition of the Heathrow Business Summit was held on Thursday 16th November 2023 at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow.

As we marked our 25th anniversary, the event provided the opportunity to promote economic growth in our local community for SMEs, suppliers, and Heathrow strategic partners.

This event was once again be held in partnership with our local Chambers of Commerce and Business Groups, connecting local SMEs and Heathrow suppliers together to create future business opportunities. The delegates gained an insight into how working with Heathrow enables SMEs to play a central role in the airport’s operation and wider sustainable supply chain.

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Third Heathrow Lift Off Event

Our Lift Off event is back, and on 22nd September we successfully held our third session of the year!

This event focused on data and technology solutions with our SMEs presenting exciting solutions to help Heathrow make progress across a range of topics from safety, bird strike management, baggage and waste. Our panel was particularly impressed by the level of innovation in the waste management sector, with some SMEs presenting solutions which could add huge value to a wider Team Heathrow community.

This event featured Onwave, Emu Analytics, The Edge Company, Limetrack, Vuala and vLOGIX whose presentations led to some fantastic discussions with our panel members: Paul Doherty, Steve Armitage, Rohail Latif, Jan Friend, Darren Smith, Alasdair Reid, Alan Maunder, Simone Gigli, Marc-Olivier Hilgers and Dean Wyeth.

Our Lift Off Q4 event will take place on 16 November. Keep an eye on our Upcoming Opportunities page by clicking the button below.

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Second Heathrow Lift Off Event

We are pleased to have successfully held our second Lift Off event themed around “passenger experience” on Monday 26th June in Heathrow’s Head Offices.

The convergence of technology and innovation to enhance Heathrow’s passengers’ experience showed the opportunities open for aviation to do more.

More for a frictionless experience and, (what many of the panel members found inspiring), more for passengers who need support and want that support without being dependent on a person to provide it.

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First-Ever Lift Off Event

We were delighted to welcome six Small to Medium Enterprises, (SMEs) to come along and present at Heathrow‘s first-ever Lift Off event yesterday and with great success. This first event focused on the theme of sustainability and SMEs applied through our recently launched CompeteFor platform:

Lift Off is a new concept developed back in 2022 as an additional way to attract and work with SMEs. This first event has shown that Lift Off successfully provides the chance for selected innovative SMEs to present their products and services to a panel made up of Heathrow and our largest supply chain partner organisations, receive their feedback, and seek potential business opportunities.

The SMEs who came along on the day were: Blast Studio, OMK, Design & Display Fibreglass Structures, Evotrack, SSAF Window Films & Printed Graphics and ASD Lighting PLC.

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