CompeteFor hosts, partners with and attends various procurement and supply chain events that may be of interest to you. Please find a full list of these events below. There are a  range of training events, seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions to choose from, all aimed at providing you with the training, knowledge and networking opportunity to succeed in procurement and supply chain. Whether you are a supplier looking to find new business opportunities and learn how to be more competitive, or a buying organisation looking to learn about new procurement processes or to engage your supply chain, we can guarantee that there is an event for you.

PASS Events

CompeteFor is a supporter of PASS (the Procurement Advice and Support Service), which provides expert public procurement training and support for both public and private sector organisations. Whether your goal is to reduce risk or increase your organisation’s chances of tendering success, our courses will ensure you are equipped with the knowledge you need. Below is a list of workshops run by PASS.




Introduction to Public Procurement

An Introduction to Public Procurement will look at the procurement routes available, from low-value contracts to high-value OJEU procurement exercises. The session explains the regulations that govern public sector procurement activity and which set out the various procurement procedures, and the requirement for suppliers to understand the essential elements that need to be considered when bidding for tenders.

Pre-Qualifying for Tenders

All OJEU procurement begins with the selection stage, whether as a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) in the selective procedures or as the first stage in the open procedure.
The new EU Public Procurement Directive, which is currently being transposed into national legislation, will change many elements of current responses and require augmented information from suppliers.
It is critical that you understand the changes that are coming as failure to respond in the correct manner will see you excluded.

Preparing Perfect Tenders

This event explains the key issues around drafting a successful tender submission and identifies the essential elements that are needed to gain an advantage when presenting tender responses.
With the impending transposition of the new EU Public Procurement Directive into national legislation, even currently successful contractors will need to change their approach if they wish to ensure continued success.
The new Regulations will instill a more transparent yet more regulated approach, not only at pre-qualification, but also at the tender stage.