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Welsh Government awards over £16m for CSOs
Dean White - June 17, 2015

Wales’ Public Services Minister Leighton Andrews has announced over £16m for the continued funding of 500 Community Support Officers.

The Welsh Government is committed to delivering safe and strong communities in Wales. As part of that commitment, it funds 500 Community Support Officers (CSOs) who are additional to those included in the planned policing levels funded from other sources.

The four Welsh Police Forces and British Transport Police have each been awarded a share of £16.8m to cover the costs of the additional CSOs in their areas.

Leighton Andrews said:

“This funding represents a significant investment in community safety at a time of unprecedented pressure on public sector budgets, and on police funding in particular.

“Our aim is to make communities safer through reductions in anti-social behaviour and crime, including fear of crime. The CSOs are highly visible in their communities, engaging with people, providing reassurance and tackling low-level anti-social behaviour.

“They play a pivotal role not only in making our communities safer, but in making them feel safer.”