Welsh Energy Minister pledges funding to local enterprise

A community lead renewable energy scheme in Wales is scheduled to receive £45,000 from the Welsh Government as part of its Energy Service which aims to support and reward local enterprises with a focus upon renewables.

A similar scheme, named Awel Aman Tawe (AAT), consists of two 4.7MW wind turbines, situated in the hills above Pontardawe, which provide energy for the local community while any profits from the energy it produces go towards supporting the community and paying back the Welsh government for the cost of construction.

The scheme produces a total community income of £47,000 per year while it is predicted that the lifetime local income of the project will reach a total of £6M.

The £45,000 was announced by the Welsh Minister for Environment, Energy, and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths, on a visit to the local school, Ysgol y Bedol and Canolfan y Gors, stating that the funding would be dedicated to establishing a further scheme to install solar panels on up to 250 homes in Wales.

Minister Griffiths stated: “Community led schemes are well placed to understand their local areas and bring people together with a common purpose.  Awel Aman Tawe is a great example of a renewable project benefiting the whole community and I’m sure Egni Co-op’s rooftop project will be equally successful.

“Egni Co-op’s rooftop solar rollout across Wales is a very exciting initiative. I am pleased the Welsh Government’s Energy Service is providing a £45,500 grant to support the development costs of the project. This will be a big contribution to our local energy targets and one of the practical ways I see Wales tackling the climate emergency.”

The Egni Co-op Director, Rosie Gillam added: “We are delighted that Welsh Government Energy Service has provided this grant. Now that climate change is so high profile, this is an opportunity for Wales to take the lead and for as many people as possible to get involved in this cooperative effort.”

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