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Wates appoints Planet First Energy
- December 11, 2019

The construction and property development company Wates has become the first organisation within the built environment sector to appoint an independent social enterprise, named Planet First Energy (PFE), to assist them with reducing the amount of carbon emissions they produce.

Planet First Energy will assist Wates with reducing their carbon footprint through the procurement of renewable energy providers, that can supply Wates with the energy they need to carry out projects, as well as through energy management services and emissions reporting.

The main objectives of Planet First Energy are to reduce fuel poverty, assist with the delivery of energy efficiency projects within the domestic sector, and also support the development of renewable energy technology.

The Group Director for Wates’ Sustainability Programmes, John Dunne stated: “Since 2016 we have increased the procurement of renewable energy by 70 per cent and this partnership will support our goal to achieve 100 per cent of our electricity supplies renewable sources by 2025, while providing a substantial investment to the Social Enterprise sector which is relevant to the construction industry.

“As a business we are wholly committed to achieving zero carbon in our operations and creating social value through the development of the social enterprise sector. Our partnership with Planet First Energy supports these sustainability goals and the interests of our business from a commercial, social, and environmental perspective.”

The Managing Director of Planet First Energy, Steve Silverwood added: “We are enormously proud of our partnership with Wates. As a social enterprise, being able to support companies transform the way they procure and manage energy to support the transition to a low carbon economy while supporting communities and agencies to reduce fuel poverty in some of the UK’s poorest households is a really exciting and positive step for all of us.”

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