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Upgrades schedules for the A69 to improve safety
- August 16, 2019

Within the next two months Highways England are scheduling the upgrade of the A69 Bridge End Junction in order to save drivers significant time on journeys and are also installing average speed cameras at two locations along the road with work scheduled to commence in September 2019.

Upgrade works to the route will take place between Hexham West and Haydon Bridge as well as between Warwick and Corby Hill, with the work in question including the lowering of the entire route so as to avoid having to use the oncoming roundabout.

Construction workers will remove 90,000 cubic metres of soil around the verges in an attempt to lower the road while also constructing two bridges, a drainage system, and resurfacing of the entire stretch of road.

The Highways England Project Manager, Russell Mclean stated: “The A69 is used by around 26,000 drivers every day and these essential improvements will make the A69 safer while reducing congestion and improving journeys.

“The Bridge End upgrade will also improve access from the A69 into Hexham, reducing the amount of accidents at the junction and aiding any future proposals to dual the route.”

Construction work has been commissioned through a partnership of the Northumbrian and Cumbrian police forces with the Hexham to Haydon Bridge minor works scheduled to commence on Monday 9th September 2019 while the Warwick to Corby Hill works will not commence until October.

The improvements come as part of the £220M Congestion Relief Fund which was outline by the Department for Transport back in their 2016 autumn statement and is designed for usage on any works between Bridge End and Styford.

Residents and businesses can find out more information at various events taking place in earlier September before major works get underway.

Temporary traffic lights and a 30mph speed limit will be put in place to protect the construction workers on site for the six weeks after work begins, with some alterations being made as far back as the A69 roundabout, but drivers’ safety remains a priority to the joint police forces who have commissioned the upgrades.

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