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Tramline in Manchester requires urgent repairs
- October 4, 2019

Transport or Greater Manchester have offered their support to KeolisAmey Metrolink (KAM) in repairing the Heaton Park Tramway following the theft of overhead cabling which has left the tramline unusable.

The theft took place early last week after the tramline was targeted by thieves who took lengths of copper wiring in the overhead cabling which is used to power the trams.

Transport for Greater Manchester and the Tramway Museum then approached KAM to offer assist in repairing the damaged line which is the only remaining branch of the Manchester Corporation Tramways which ran from 1901 to 1949.

Transport for Greater Manchester and KAM have now confirmed that they will, between them, provide the essential overhead wiring and have the tramline operational as soon as possible.

The Director of Engineering at KAM, Chris Stinchcombe stated: “We were saddened to hear the entire future of Heaton Park tramway was under threat because of the theft.

“There are strong links between us and them and, over the years, our staff have volunteered their time and expertise to support Heaton Park Tramway.

“We just have to try and help – so we are trying to source wire for them that matches their equipment and offering the expertise of KAM’s own engineers, and our partners Pod-Trak, to complete the repairs in hope we can get the tramway moving again.”

Transport for Greater Manchester’s Head of Metrolink, Danny Vaughan added: “Not only is Heaton Park Tramway a gateway to our transport history, but it is a fantastic attraction enjoyed by thousands of people every year.

“While it is out of operation there will be plenty of very disappointed people and it is appalling that thieves would target it in this way.

“As soon as soon as we heard about the theft, we knew we had to do whatever we could to help. Hopefully, by working with KAM, we’ll be able to help reinstate the tramway sooner rather than later.”

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