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Top UK hotspots for public sector business
Dean White - August 26, 2015

Summer can be a difficult time for smaller firms. 

The weather gets warmer, your inbox gets quieter and your business sinks in to that predictable summer slump.

Hit hard during summer, a lot of SMEs spend the remainder of the year steadying the ship and recouping lost revenue.

But this doesn’t have to be you.

The public sector is unaffected by seasonality and spends £billions on goods and services each and every month.

These buyers like doing business with SMEs because they’re cost effective and more and more small businesses are turning to public sector contracts to weather the summer storm.

To help you thrive (instead of barely survive) the summer months and beyond, this infographic from our partners at the Supply National SME Engagement Programme identifies the 5 hottest UK regions for public sector contracts.


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Your summer starts here.

With so many opportunities available, it’s easy for the contracts that matter to slip through the cracks.

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