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Tender Documents for Pagabo Framework
- September 14, 2020

Pagabo, a national framework provider, is pleased to announce that developers are now able to download the tender documents needed for its brand-new £47 billion developer-led framework.

The framework is to run for four years, with an option to extend it a further 16 months to April 2026, and will be open to all public sector bodies including:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Local Authorities
  • Police and Emergency Services
  • NHS Organisations
  • Health and Social Care providers
  • Housing Associations and,
  • Central Government Departments

The framework features three lots: Property Development via Joint Venture (JV) and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), Long Income Lease and Lease Back, and Property Development Single Site by Development Agreement.

These three lots will cover a wide variety of works which include, but are not limited to:

  • Social housing
  • Commercial buildings
  • Student accommodation
  • Health
  • Education and,
  • Mixed-use schemes.

Jason Stapley, Managing Director at Pagabo, said: “We are really pleased to be bringing the first developer-led framework to the market at this time to help public sector bodies procure work with developers that is critical to building a better future.

“It’s of course been a worrying time for the sector with construction output dropping, but despite the exceptional circumstances we have seen a tremendous amount of access agreements coming through from clients wanting to access our existing frameworks.”

He added: “In everything we do, we consider how it will create positive change for the industry as a whole. We are listening to clients and understanding which projects our public sector clients are looking to procure and when. We are sharing that information with our partners, where and when we can – to instil confidence and help them plan for the COVID recovery phase and beyond.”

For more information about Pagabo’s new public-led framework or to download the tender documentation, visit https://www.pagabo.co.uk/news/find-out-more-about-our-new-l47bn-developer-led-framework.

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