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Swansea construction firm enters new markets with government backing
Dean White - September 16, 2015

A Swansea firm that has developed a unique synthetic concrete product is diversifying into new markets and expanding operations in an £850,000 investment that will create up to 64 new jobs.

Affresol is upgrading its facilities on Swansea West Business Park and building a new hi-tech automated production line which is supported by the Welsh Government with £245,000 business finance. In addition to creating up to 64 new jobs over the next three years the investment will also safeguard an existing seventeen jobs.

The company has developed TPR® (Thermo Polymerized Rock) – a sustainable, low carbon, synthetic concrete product using recycled mixed plastic waste diverted from landfill.

Affresol was set up by Ian McPherson in November 2007 and it has taken six years of research and development to bring TPR to market with support from both Cardiff University and the Carbon Trust.

TPR® is significantly stronger than concrete, considerably lighter, is water retardant and currently used to make a range of sustainable long life pre-fabricated outbuildings, garages and industrial enclosures.

Affresol is now diversifying and targeting markets within the UK transport infrastructure sector for products made from TPR®. It includes opportunities in the rail sector to supply cable troughs – currently made from concrete – that carry a range communication cables and run the length and breadth of the UK’s rail network.

TPR® synthetic concrete sections provide a more effective and sustainable alternative to a traditional concrete sectional garage and are supplied to Housing Associations and secure parking service providers across the whole of the UK.

These prefabricated outbuildings are secure, flexible and affordable and used as storage units and enclosures for a number of uses including mobility scooter storage, ground source heat pumps, housing electrical equipment, and water tank storage for sprinkler systems. They are even being used as Beach Huts by some local authorities.

Economy Minister, Edwina Hart, said:

“The advanced materials and manufacturing strategy places particular emphasis on the need for companies to innovate and invest in research and development to bring new products to market.

“Affresol has made a considerable investment in developing what is a highly innovative product and I am pleased the Welsh Government is supporting its expansion that will increase capacity to meet existing and emerging markets and create jobs.”