Supply Chain Webinar Launches Framework

A new framework worth up to £485 million for decommissioning and asbestos removal will be the focus of a Magnox webinar for suppliers.

The webinar is set to be held in April 2021 and is part of the company’s ongoing engagement with the supply chain as it drives forward its decommissioning mission.

Companies are being encouraged to register their interest early for the event, which will discuss the four-year multi-supplier framework contract involving asbestos removal, demolition and deplanting across the 12 sites Magnox operates around the UK.

Some of the work is set to be in conventional areas, with some being delivered in radiologically contaminated areas.

Linda Sapsford, Head of Procurement and Supply Chain, said: “Magnox is keen to share news of this framework contract with demolition and asbestos contractors, both large and small, and to seek their input to help the development of our procurement strategy.”

Suppliers should deliver value for the UK taxpayer, while also being able to maintain the highest standards of safety and environmental performance.

Companies are invited to register for the event, scheduled for 21 April 2021, by signing up here.

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