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Skills Centre Offers Hundreds of Construction Jobs
- July 27, 2021

The Skills Centre is pleased to announce that it is offering guaranteed training and job interview opportunities at around five sites in Greater London, North Kent and across the West Midlands.

This is thanks to partnerships created with national contractors such as Mace, Wates, Laing O’Rourke, Engie, Galldris, Berkely Group, Keltbray, TfL, Fortel, London Square, OHOB, Morrisroe and Multiplex.

Hundreds of training places are to be made available at five training centres in Earl’s Court, Gravesend, Southwark and the West Midlands. The Skills Centre is looking to attract people into the world of construction, and are targeting those who are either unemployed, or are earning under £16K a year, with the training being completely free.

Jon Howlin, CEO of the Skills Centre, said they are delighted to be offering these great training and job opportunities: “We have already had amazing success in our recent training drive for construction jobs in London, where we managed to get more than 1,000 people attracted to our training programme, for the employers we are working with across a number of construction sites.

“Across the UK there is a massive construction skills shortage right now, with the pandemic as well as Brexit leaving many major contractors without the people to fulfil the needs they have on site. So, it is great that we are able to offer these free training places and attract people with no prior experience, into a new career in construction.”

The three-week, industry led training programme will be offered everyone that applies, together with a guaranteed job interview for a work on a number of major building projects. Everyone who completes and pass the three-week course will get a Green Labourers CSCS card, a Level 1 awarded in Health & Safety in a Construction Environment and Construction Health & Safety certificates, including manual handling.

Mr Howlin added: “We are particularly interested in welcoming women onto our training schemes; diversity is still an area where the sector needs to improve, and it is a great profession for all, with many paths for career progression into all areas of construction. Our free training courses are a great first step into a wonderful career.

“What we are offering through our partnerships is a chance for people from all walks of life to get free, first-rate training with our experienced construction professionals though our site-ready programmes. Candidates are guaranteed a job interview at the end of it and some of the jobs may even turn into full apprenticeships.”

The initiative is supported by the Construction Skills Fund, which was established in October 2018 to train a site-ready workforce to meet the needs of the construction industry.

Anyone interested in applying should go to https://theskillscentre.co.uk/welcome-to-a-new-start-in-construction

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