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Shuttleworth and Stag House projects underway in Wandsworth
- November 29, 2019

The construction and property company Wates has recently begun the construction of two residential developments on Shuttleworth Road in Wandsworth after being commissioned by the local council.

The Shuttleworth House and Stag House projects will entail the provision of 92 affordable homes, 71 of which will be included as part of Shuttleworth House site while the remaining 21 will be situated at Stag House, therefore increasing the number of affordable homes that are available to local people in the Central London Borough.

Wates Residential was appointed to the Shuttleworth project in July 2019, with the project itself forming part of the wider Winstanley and York Road Estates regeneration programme, and with the contractor themselves ensuring that the new homes meet the highest of energy and safety standards.

Adding to this, Wates Residential made efforts to engage with the local community by having ten local children from the Fledglings Kindergarten on Battersea High Street design the perimeter hoarding of the development with their own pictures of diggers and equipment from the site.

The Managing Director for Wates Residential, Paul Nicholls stated: “After seeing how excited the children were about work on the Shuttleworth Road site, we invited them to get involved.

“Wates Residential believes that everyone deserves a great place to live and is committed to delivering more than just homes in Wandsworth. Hopefully our work with Fledglings Kindergarten will help to inspire the next generation to consider a career in construction.”

The Manager from Fledglings Kindergarten, Sandra Prendergast added: “The children were so excited to draw pictures of the site and have them displayed on the hoarding, especially as some of their parents work within the construction industry. After the unveiling they spoke about it all day and were so delighted with the hard hats and vests that you [Wates Residential] donated too.”

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