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SHC begins construction of new homes in Sheffield
- September 25, 2019

A regeneration programme, spearheaded by the Sheffield Housing Company (SHC), has entered into the fourth stage of its development with the construction of 150 new homes at Parson Cross.

The SHC is a joint-venture organisation comprised of the Sheffield City Council, Keepmoat Homes, and the Great Places Housing Group and has begun the construction of 106 new homes on Fallstaff Road as well as 44 more at Lytton Road.

The SHC was created in 2011 with the intention of creating an additional 2,300 homes to the city of Sheffield within the space of a 15 year period, having constructed 293 homes through phase one, 478 homes through phase two, and 333 through phase three.

The Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety at Sheffield City Council, Councillor Paul Wood stated: “I am pleased that the sites at Parson Cross, which have been undeveloped for many years, are now being used to provide much needed homes for sale and rent. This adds vibrancy by building communities and jobs in the areas of our city that need them most.”

Upon the completion of the fourth phase of the SHC 1,437 new homes will have been constructed due to the addition of three further sites to phase four, the planning applications for which are still under preparation.

The Cabinet Member for Planning and Development, Councillor Bob Johnson commented: “Our absolute priority is to improve homes in each neighbourhood across the city.  As demonstrated by our recent celebrations of 100 years of council housing, people are proud of their homes and want to see more built. SHC is a successful partnership, which is enabling the council to bring about the wider regeneration of the city.”

The SHC Development Manager, Steve Birch added: “We are delighted to begin the fourth phase of our development programme. The benefits of this partnership continue to be far reaching for the city and its people. By investing in job creation and training, as well as building quality homes, this housing initiative will have a long-lasting and positive impact on Sheffield and its residents.”

Of the 150 homes under construction at Parson Cross, six will be reserved as affordable homes to rent.

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