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Service Update
James Park - January 21, 2014

CompeteFor Release Note

September 13th, 2013

Release Note: CompeteFor
This release note highlights the latest release of features and enhancements to the CompeteFor Service.

What’s New within the CompeteFor service:

Opportunity Search (Enhancement)

Improved advance search options within Opportunity Search allowing users to search for opportunities based on geographical region and the option to omit keywords from your search.

Email Alerts (Enhancement)

After filling out your Business Profile, CompeteFor alerts you when opportunities that match your selected business category codes are posted on the service via email. The email alert function has been enhanced so that users now receive daily email alerts. Additionally, you can now change your email alert preferences separately from your business profile.

Grow your business (New Functionality)

As registered user on CompeteFor, you have access to the supply chain opportunities available on the site. CompeteFor is pleased to introduce further opportunities to the SME marketplace. As a registered user on CompeteFor, you are entitled to free access to low value opportunities and one year of free high value opportunities for a local region of your choice powered by the Supply service.

New Dashboard (New Functionality)

CompeteFor users will now be presented with a ‘dashboard’ when they log into the service. This ‘dashboard’ will provide users with information regarding Business Profile status, Matching Opportunities and Regional Access level.

Business Category Codes (Enhancement)

CompeteFor has also adopted new business category codes to allow users to be more specific when selecting categories that match their preferences. To ensure that your current preferences are not lost, a mapping process has taken place matching new codes to your old code preferences. In some cases this, may result in a larger number of selected codes in your alert preferences.