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SCF Calls Contractors for £5.16bn Framework
- June 10, 2021

Southern Construction Frameworks (SCF), a joint venture between Devon and Hampshire County Councils, has launched a new Residential Delivery & Development Framework ITT worth £5.16 billion.

Created to help support public sector residential construction and development in the region, SCF Residential is a four-year long framework and is available to all public bodies in the South East, London and South West.

It is now open for tender and SCF is inviting residential developers, including SME Developers and residential builders, including SME residential builders, to express their interest to be part of the framework. Requests to participate should be submitted by midday on Friday July 2nd, 2021.

The framework will give public sector organisations access to a full range of residential construction and development solutions. This includes access to leading local housebuilders as well of construct-only or design and build and turnkey end-to-end development, construction, and management services.  A commitment to provide a trustworthy, equitable, and ethical vehicle for delivery underpins the framework.

SCF Residential will be tailored to suit a wide range of projects, including:

  • Larger value projects (£30m+)– delivered in 3 sublots (SW, SE, London), allowing up to 6 providers per sub lot.
  • Smaller Value (£15m+)– delivered in 7 sublot regions, allowing up to 8 providers per sub lot and focused on local delivery.

The lots are split between schemes of 10-75 houses and 65+ houses and it is expected that SCF will appoint contractors and developers to more than one lot.

SCF is the market leader in Two Stage Open Book (2SOB) tendering, under which the framework will operate exclusively.  This Government-recommended bidding process is part of an initiative to reform UK construction practices and is unique in the way it brings the contractor, stakeholders and suppliers together at the very start of a construction project.

Kingsley Clarke, SCF Operations Lead, said: “This high-value new framework will help our public sector clients unlock delivery of over £5 billion of public residential work.

“Our emphasis is on delivering value across all public sector projects that are built under this framework, but we are keen to avoid a race to the bottom. We want to work with developers and contractors that share our commitment to quality and collaboration, so that we can build a portfolio of innovative developments that showcase the southern regions.”

This new deal complements the current SCF Construct and SCF Consult frameworks which have delivered just under £7 billion worth of combined construction schemes in the last 14 years since they were first established.  As a collaboratively managed framework, SCF brings the expertise of contractors and partners together to drive ongoing best value and high standards.

For more information on the new Residential Framework – https://scfresidential.org.uk

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