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[Slideshare] Public Procurement After Brexit
Emma Kennedy - July 27, 2016

In the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, we are likely to see a period of uncertainty as exit terms are negotiated and future procurement processes are agreed.

One of the main concerns for many firms will be the potential loss of revenue from their existing markets. Aside from the obvious threats to exports, nervousness over the economy might encourage UK customers – both consumers & businesses – to tighten their belts or look for better deals elsewhere.

BiP’s Principal Consultant Eddie Regan answers many of your questions about the likely impact of the EU Referedum outcome on procurement and current processes across the United Kingdom.

 Eddie Regan said:“It is very hard to see any scope for changing the current set of procedures, not least because the UK had a significant input into the last EU Procurement Directive.”

“The current timescales are unlikely to see any change in the future.” 

“There is little likelihood that the standstill process will change in any way as it is a fundamental part of the debriefing process”

We have produced this Slideshare to visually give you a clearer understanding of this situation, entitled “Public Procurement After Brexit.”

Public Procurement After Brexit: BiP Business Analysis – brought to you by CompeteFor partner, Supply