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Progress made on Boston Barrier Scheme
- November 21, 2019

Progress has been made on the Boston Barrier Tidal Flood Alleviation Scheme in Lincolnshire after the joint venture of two contractors, BAM Nuttall and Mott MacDonald, set about moving the barrier’s steel structure into place.

The Boston Barrier Scheme will improve flood protection for approximately 14,000 homes through the installation of a 300-tonne, 29m long steel barrier that has been imported from the Netherlands, with the installation of said new barrier lasting a total duration of three days.

Furthermore, installation of the new barrier was organised and commissioned by the Environment Agency and forms part of the Boston Combined Strategy which will protect the Boston area from flooding well into the next century.

The Boston Flood Alleviation Scheme has cost approximately £100M and the tidal barrier, forming the primary component of this strategy, will be fully operational by the summer of 2020 after it has been connected to hydraulic rams and control systems and has undergone essential safety and commissioning tests.

Other phases of the Boston Flood Alleviation Scheme involve the installation of a more flood resilient gate at the Port of Boston wet-dock entrance in addition to other works which will connect the Boston defences to the Haven Banks Scheme, heightening and bolstering existing defences along five kilometres of the river banks.

The Project Manager at BMMJV, Steve Lowder stated: “The delivery of the barrier gate is the culmination of hard work and collaboration by BMMJV its Client, and all the suppliers working on the project. The arrival of the barrier is a major milestone for the project.

“We have been working around the clock to get to this point and look forward to successfully completing the next steps of the scheme downstream. The team has achieved an exemplary safety record and are proud to protect and improve the environment for people living and working in the local community.”

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