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Opportunity in Healthcare Infrastructure for SME Suppliers
- September 16, 2020

The UK is currently undergoing a post-pandemic recovery, and this means there will be more opportunities within the healthcare infrastructure sector.

The outlook for infrastructure is good, with plans for between £29 billion and £37 billion worth of contracts across economic and social infrastructure to be brought to market, providing a sizeable opportunity for businesses to tap into this marketplace. But what does this mean for SMEs seeking to access supply chain opportunities?

This is why we have partnered with Tracker *, to launch a new series of reports, which consider specific infrastructure opportunities within different sectors, the first focussing on Health.

The report provides:

  • An overview of Health procurement spent, and why infrastructure is key to keeping its diverse needs
  • A look back at the year from August 2019 to July 2020 and the opportunities available for SMEs
  • A snapshot of future opportunities and what they look like
  • How to find opportunities and where Tracker can support you to do so
  • Plus, hints and tips to ensure you identify opportunities and engage with prospective buyers

Access our must-read report today

Please click here to get your copy of the report and find out what opportunities you can unlock within healthcare infrastructure.

*Tracker provides business intelligence, support and tools to support businesses to make informed decisions about the marketplace. Powered by the UK’s largest database of public and private sector contract opportunities, Tracker can give unrivalled insight into opportunities within infrastructure and construction projects. To find out how you can spend less time searching for opportunities and more time seizing those very opportunities, get in touch with us today

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