New social security agency puts people first
David McQuade - May 4, 2017

Profit-making private firms won’t carry out benefit assessments.

Scotland’s new social security agency will put people before profits, with no private companies carrying out benefit assessments.

Social Security Minister, Jeane Freeman, firmly ruled this out in a statement to Parliament – where she also outlined the conclusion of the options appraisal process for the model of the new social security agency.

The new agency will have a central location as well as providing a local presence across Scotland so it is directly responsive to individual needs.

A decision on where the main agency will be located will be made in the autumn.

It was also confirmed that the new agency will employ at least 1,500 staff – making it one of largest executive agencies of the Scottish Government.

Ms Freeman said:

One of our fundamental principles is that profit should never be a motive nor play any part in assessing or making decisions on people’s health and eligibility for benefits.

We are building a system based on dignity and respect – this means an assessment process which isn’t demeaning or deliberately difficult.

I am very clear that assessments should not be carried out by the private sector and I want to give people in Scotland this assurance as we take forward our new social security agency.

It also means setting up an agency that has a local presence with a human face where people can go to get one-to-one support if required.

This is very different to what exists at the moment.”