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New consortium to encourage offsite construction for primary schools
- March 14, 2019

A new consortium is being launched to pioneer the use of offsite construction in the building of new primary schools.

The partnership between Innovate UK, Manufacturing and Technology Centre (MTC), Bryden Wood, Elliottt, The McAvoy Group, and Blacc consultants will research and develop methods of offsite construction. These methods will be used in the construction of new and replacement primary schools across the country.

The aim is to reduce costs, streamline production, and reduce the time for building projects. Demand for the construction of primary schools currently exceeds the sector’s capability and it is hoped The Seismic Project will improve the delivery of service.

Susan Hone-Brookes, Chief Engineer for Construction and Infrastructure at the MTC, said: “This project will not only standardise different, market-leading offsite solutions for primary school construction, but it will act as a trailblazer to demonstrate the very latest offsite manufacturing technologies.”

Developments are already being researched, including an app which configures designs with DfE requirements and new modular techniques to refine a fragmented supply chain. The primary focus is on digitising the process and uniting the different stages of construction to reduce the time it takes.

The project will also develop methods for standardising offsite modules and steel-framed structures. Developers hope that standardising the process will reduce the time of the initial design phase, as schools will not need to be individually designed, reducing costs, and ensuring more primary schools conform to standards.

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