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National Highways Announces Renewal Programme
- September 21, 2021

National Highways has announced deals with 50 supply chain partners to carry out up to £3.6 billion in renewals to help keep England’s motorways and major A roads running safely and smoothly.

The work is being awarded as part of the UK Government-owned company’s brand-new six-year Scheme Delivery Framework (SDF).

The framework will enable the delivery of renewals throughout a range of activities, including substantial civils work on barriers and drainage, traffic management activities and design services for a wide range of products.

It will replace the soon-to-expire existing contract mechanisms, known as the Construction Works Framework (CWF), Design Services Contract (DSC) and Asset Support Contract (ASC).

Duncan Smith, Acting Executive Director for Operations at National Highways, said: “This announcement marks the start of a new way to keep the country’s motorways and major A roads in top condition by delivering the largest and most comprehensive renewals programme we have ever embarked on.

“The Scheme Delivery Framework will allow us to deliver these vital activities, ensuring the strategic road network remains safe and serviceable, so road users can continue enjoying the benefits of smooth, reliable journeys.”

The new approach enables a diverse pool of suppliers of all sizes to work directly with National Highways. Approximately 23% of the overall framework value has been awarded to SMEs, thereby creating a secure pipeline of work and increasing innovation across the board. Social value is also inherent throughout the procurement process, ensuring suppliers are measured on their contribution and impact socially within each region.

Key themes include:

  • Helping local communities recover from the impact of COVID-19
  • Creating new businesses, new jobs and new skills
  • Tackling workforce inequality

The SDF also supports the delivery of National Highways’ decarbonisation, sustainability and environmental ambitions throughout its renewals programme. It limits repeat maintenance, reducing the exposure of the workforce to traffic, and also reduces the overall cost of the maintenance of the network.

The framework is split into four bands:

  • Band A – Civil Engineering and Drainage
  • Band B – Temporary Traffic Management and Road Restraint Systems
  • Band C – Specialist Works
  • Band D – Design

Within each band there are between two and seven lots. The lots are then subdivided into geographically focused sublots. Award values for the 50 suppliers vary between £1 million and £144 million, highlighting how the framework enables SMEs to operate side by side with larger companies.

For further information about the Scheme Delivery Framework, see the contract page online.

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