Moray West offshore wind farm powers ahead

The monopiles for the 882 MW Moray West offshore wind farm are now installed and the project well on its way to contribute to the Scottish renewable energy network.

Scotland, where renewable wind capacity exceeds 11 GW, already contributes 39% of the UK’s capacity.

The Moray West offshore wind farm in Scotland is a key part of the country’s energy transition and the path to net zero carbon emissions. The UK is constantly growing in new power generation capacity to maintain a secure and affordable supply. Wind power is part of the solution, and Scotland, where renewable wind capacity exceeds 11 GW, already contributes 39% of the UK’s capacity. Wind generates 78% of all renewable electricity output in Scotland, one of the windiest countries in Europe due to eastward moving Atlantic depressions that bring strong winds and clouds continuously throughout the year.

SarensPSG was awarded by Ocean Winds with the contract to provide the intermediate delivery base services for the Moray West monopiles. Sarens PSG is a joint venture between Sarens, the global leader and reference in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport and PSG Marine & Logistics that has a long track record of delivering complex logistical, marine, heavy lift and transport, port marshalling and assembly projects to the fast-growing offshore wind sector.

The manoeuvres undertaken by SarensPSG took place in the port of Invergordon and involved the marshalling of 62 monopiles, each Moray West offshore wind farm powers ahead weighing up to 2000T, the largest and heaviest XXL monopiles ever to be handled in the UK, with diameters reaching up to ten meters and a length extending to 84.7m. That stage was recently completed using a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMTs) of 166 axle-lines, marking an important milestone in the UK’s transition towards sustainable energy.

Despite facing adverse weather conditions, including particularly wet and snowy periods during the winter, the team managed to maintain the optimal ground conditions to uphold operational integrity.

The mobilisation and demobilisation of equipment, spanning approximately three weeks each way, demanded detailed coordination and execution. Moreover, the construction of soil bunds for monopile storage, a key element of SarensPSG Scope of Work presented a significant mobilisation effort, extending over two to three months.

The SPMT configuration comprised two sets of 80 axle-lines each, complemented by a six-axle setup for smaller components. The selection of this equipment was determined by its flexibility, enabling seamless transport and handling operations throughout the project. To handle the huge monopiles, the crew also devised strategic storage arrangements and sequencing methodologies to ensure efficient access to the monopiles during load-out.

Once operational the Moray West Offshore Wind Project will significantly contribute to the decarbonisation of energy and help in creation of local employment opportunities, aligning with broader sustainability objectives.

Steve Clark, Managing Director of SarensPSG says: “SarensPSG has unparalleled expertise, innovation, and commitment to drive positive change in the renewable energy landscape. As the industry continues to evolve, SarensPSG remains at the forefront, proving to be the “Sustainability Accelerator.”

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