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Kier makes progress on Everards Brewery development
- December 12, 2019

The construction and property development company Kier have reached a milestone in their development of the Everards Brewery in Leicester following the installation of brewery vessels through airlifting.

In carrying out this essential process on behalf of their client, Everards, Kier employed the use of cranes to lift 16 brewery vessels into place, with the larger eight of these vessels measuring at a height of eight metres while the smaller eight measured at five metres in height.

The next stage in the fitting out process of the brewery development will entail the installation of the brewing tanks in early 2020, while the facilities entire completion will not take place until the autumn of 2020.

So far, as part of the Everards Meadows development, Kier has delivered a new cycle centre, a café, a new pedestrian/cycle bridge, carparking facilities, and landscaping, whereas the facilities that are currently under construction will add new office accommodation, a brewery floor area, retail space, and dining space.

The Project Manager at Kier, Neil Truelove stated: “Reaching this milestone is a very proud moment for the Everards project team and vital towards us completing phase 1B of the project. Looking forward to the new year we will be installing the brewery tanks and continuing to deliver the project ready for the opening in autumn 2020.”

The Managing Director of Everards, Stephen Gould added: “We were inspired by the type of interesting spaces they have in America and Australia, where you see lots of bars attached to breweries. So, we set out to create a vibrant space where people will be able to enjoy a pint looking directly at the brewery and this flexible space will also play host to tasting sessions, brewery tours and many other events. There will also be a store where visitors can purchase their favourite beers to enjoy at home.”

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