Kier Appointed to Highways Framework

Kier Highways has been awarded a place on the Bristol City Highways Asset Management and Associated Works Framework to help deliver carriageway surface treatments under Lot 2.

Surface dressing as well as micro asphalt carriageway treatments are to be carried out by the Kier Highways Surface Treatments Business (STB) under this framework, which delivers the preventative maintenance surfacing programme annually and is a key programme tackling potholes in Bristol. Work will start on 1 October 2021 and will last for four years.

James Birch, Managing Director for Local Highways at Kier, said: “This is the first time we have been awarded work by Bristol City Council and we are looking forward to working collaboratively with them over the next four years.

“To help improve the city’s roads for the local communities, we will be using cleaner, more efficient equipment that will reduce our carbon footprint in line with our target to have all fleet and plant transitioned to alternative fuel by 2030.”

A Bristol City Council spokesperson commented: “The work being carried out by Kier is cost-effective and essential for our city’s road network to continue running smoothly and safely. Improving the condition of our roads ensures we have well-maintained and high-quality transport connections to prevent disruption to residents in the long term.”

The contracts solely cover Bristol City, which means predominantly urban working.

The award is another boost for Kier’s Highways STB by adding new works delivered in Oldham and West Sussex during 2021. Over this year, STB has carried out 4.8m sq m of surface dressing for other local authorities including Northamptonshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Shropshire.

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