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ISNI launches Northern Ireland Major Projects Pipeline
Dean White - September 23, 2015

Investment Strategy Northern Ireland has released its Northern Ireland Major Projects Pipeline.

Investment Strategy Northern Ireland provides a wide range of information on construction projects (and their underpinning procurements) under the Executive’s Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland.

With effect from April 2015, all bodies covered by NI Public Procurement Policy are required to maintain detailed information on infrastructure developments, including procurement information, on the ISNI Information Portal.

Northern Ireland Major Projects Pipeline differs from the Investment Strategy Northern Ireland Information Portal in two ways. Firstly, it has a focus on procurement opportunities that have not yet been tendered (i.e. only pre -procurement).

Secondly, the pipeline document provides a longer -term view of potential deal flow and broad estimates of the timing of procurement opportunities over that term. Procurement opportunities within the pipeline encompass both construction works and construction related services (e.g. design).

All information has been provided by departments, Non Departmental Public Bodies or gencies that have a responsibility for developing infrastructure.

As a minimum, the Procurement Pipeline will be updated on a quarterly basis. Where appropriate (e.g. where a material change to procurement information is required) the document will be revised more frequently and made available via the ISNI Information Portal (www.isni.gov.uk).