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Inverness Victorian Market receives upgrade
- August 21, 2019

Work began on Tuesday to revitalise the stonework of the most ornate entrance, the Academy Street entrance, to the Inverness Victorian Market, costing £43,223 and with works scheduled to last for eight weeks.

The aforementioned funding has come from a grant of £30,256 from the Inverness Townscape Heritage Project (ITHP), being bolstered by a further investment of £12,967 from the Inverness Common Good Fund.

The Manager of Inverness Victorian Market, Jo Murray stated: “Following the almost complete destruction of the Market in 1889, the façade entrance on Academy Street is the only original part that survived.

“It will be wonderful to see this historic entrance being restored to its former glory and be able to appreciate the fine stonework detail of the Corinthian column tops and to see the animal head designs clearly again.”

The entrance receiving renovation is one of the four entrances which serve the Victorian Market and was designed by Matthews and Lawrie in 1870, complete with Corinthian columns, keystones carved in animal designs, a balustrade with corner stands displaying urns, a central flagpole, and matching window arches.

The Chairman of the Inverness Townscape Heritage Project, Councillor Jimmy Gray added: “I am delighted that Inverness Townscape Heritage Project can award this grant, alongside the Inverness Common Good Fund, to carry out repairs on the Victorian Market.

“Work will see the entrance restored to its former glory, having deteriorated over time. The Market is an old and important building in the heart of our city, and it needs regular investment. I look forward to seeing the building getting the attention it deserves.”

Renovation works to the entrance will form part of a wider renovation project to the entirety of the grade 2 listed building, including the improvement of carved details, various stone indents, repointing work, repairs, and the removal of unnecessary metal fixings.

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