Homes England signs deal for new homes in Nottinghamshire

Homes England has signed a deal to provide 3,000 new homes in Nottinghamshire along with 100,000 metres of employment space.

The new homes in Nottinghamshire will be built in the Rushcliffe area after the land was acquired through the government’s Land Assembly Fund. The acquisition will see Homes England working with other landowners, CWC and local authority Rushcliffe Borough Council, on a project that will deliver 3,000 homes and 100,000 square metres of employment space – equivalent to more than a dozen football pitches – over the next ten years.

Homes England has acquired 250 acres of the 605-acre site, known as Fairham, and will support all aspects of the delivery to accelerate the creation of a high quality and diverse community. The site has a development value of £825million and Homes England will accelerate the delivery of the scheme by providing infrastructure loan funding to CWC.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Executive Manager for Communities Dave Mitchell said: “Rushcliffe has been working hard to deliver its local plan which commits to building 13,150 new homes by 2028. Delivery of the Fairham site is essential to our ability to maintain the momentum required, whilst is it is also a strategically important site locally, regionally and nationally for Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottingham City Council and ourselves.”

“We will now look forward and remain committed to working closely with Homes England and CWC to ensure the delivery of a high quality scheme that continues to enhance the attractiveness Rushcliffe as a great place to live and work.”

Preparatory work is expected to start soon and developers estimate the first homes could be commercially available in 2020. The homes are being designed to be sustainable and affordable and to meet the needs of the wider community.

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