Highway England uses ‘Asset Delivery’ model in the East of England

Highways England have implemented their ‘Asset Delivery’ model to the management and maintenance of roads in the East of England after having used the operating model in the South West, East Midlands, and North West.

The ‘Asset Delivery’ model requires the management of repair and improvement works to be carried out by Highways England themselves so that they can develop an understanding of the conditions of the nation’s roadways.

The three contracts which will need to be allocated to carry out this process, however, include those for Maintenance and Response, to be awarded to the company Ringway, Design Services, to be awarded to the company Atkins, and the Construction Works, which will have a framework established in April 2020.

The Highways England Regional Operations Director for the East of England, Martin Fellows stated: “This new innovative way of working is another sign of our commitment to continually drive improvements in how our busiest roads in the East of England are operated, maintained and improved.

“By bringing more expertise in-house we will build upon the strong existing capabilities of both our staff and our supply chain, and creates more flexible and efficient ways of working, that will underpin continual improvements to put safety, our customers and effective delivery at the heart of everything we do.”

Managing Director of Ringway, Mike Notman added: “We are delighted to be part of Highways England’s journey as they move towards more proactive maintenance and response services. Our business has a strong presence in this region, and we are underpinning this local knowledge with a local team dedicated to delivering this vital service for people in the East of England.”

And finally, the Client Director at Atkins, Ian Spellacey concluded: “With safety, ease of maintenance and the end users in mind, our designs for the East of England’s road network will enable a safer and more reliable movement of people and goods across the region, supporting its economic growth.

“Our appointment to this scheme is a great return to Atkins supporting Highways England in managing the road network and its assets in the future. We have a long history of working alongside Highways England in the region and look forward to showcasing the benefits of digital tools and innovative ways of working to the highways industry”.

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