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High Speed Rail bringing employment opportunities
- September 17, 2018

HS2 will support 15,000 jobs by 2020, according to the latest report from the government, creating a whole new generation of engineers, designers, architects and geologists.

Some 7,000 roles have already been created and over 2,000 businesses have won contracts with the massive infrastructure project. It is anticipated that over 30,000 people will be working on the project at its peak.

With over 100 apprentices currently working on the project, and more than 2,000 apprentices expected work on it over its lifetime, HS2 Ltd is running several new initiatives over the next 12 months to stimulate interest in STEM subjects. Through its programme of skills, employment and education, HS2 will encourage more young people into transport infrastructure related careers and ensure that the UK not only has the skills to deliver the HS2 project, but to become a worldwide leader in high speed rail.

Opportunities will be opened up through a new Job Brokerage Service to help people access the jobs created by the HS2 supply chain, and a new Secondary Education Engagement Programme will inspire the next generation to enter transport infrastructure careers.

Mark Thurston, Chief Executive of HS2 Ltd said: “Our skills strategy, launched today, shows how we will create a sustainable pipeline of jobs and skills for companies across the whole country, which boost regional economies and help Britain compete internationally.

“Our programme will tackle the skills challenges faced by the wider transport infrastructure sector, and ensure the UK has the best skills to deliver HS2 as well as major infrastructure projects in the future.”

HS2 Minister Nusrat Ghani MP said: “HS2 will provide the backbone of our future rail network and is already driving jobs and economic growth across the country. HS2 already supports over 7,000 jobs – forecast to reach around 15,000 by 2020 – and is building the talented workforce of the future that this transformative project needs.

“The ambitious programme of skills, employment and education set out today will see the economic benefits of HS2 fully realised across the UK, boosting productivity and sharing prosperity across the country.”

Apprenticeships and Skills Minister Anne Milton said: “Apprenticeships offer incredible opportunities for young people. Everyone studying an apprenticeship with HS2 will be able to look back and say they played a role creating our country’s future. Not only that, the apprentices are also learning exactly the skills that future employers are looking for – that’s what apprenticeships are all about.

“HS2 is creating 2,000 apprenticeships and is a fantastic example of a national project that is providing opportunities for everyone, whatever their background and wherever they come from. I look forward to meeting some of the apprentices that have been a part of making it happen.”

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