Green Party pledges £2bn boost for ‘walking and cycling revolution’
David McQuade - May 9, 2017

The Green Party has pledged to create a ‘walking and cycling revolution’ if elected in the upcoming General Election.

The party has pledged to invest £2bn in renovating and creating safe cycling and walking routes, and redesigning ‘dangerous’ junctions and roundabouts.

It said the funding would come from the government’s cancellation of the £1.2bn new roads programme and environmental taxes.

The party’s announcement, its second major announcement on environmental legislation, comes after a plan for cleaning up Britain’s air was launched Friday May 5th.

Amelia Womack, Green Party deputy leader, said:

“While the Government dithers around with half measures and evasion, the Green Party is promising to invest in the solutions we know will clean up our air.

We want a walking and cycling revolution to replace the diesel fuelled congestion that’s choking Britain.”