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Government opens funding for modern traffic systems
- February 27, 2019

The government has set up a new fund for traffic systems that reflect future road travel with applications opening soon.

The new fund seeks to attract projects for new traffic systems that can deal with new challenges faced on UK roads. New technology such as drones, driverless cars, and electric vehicles presents new issues for systems already in place, leading the government to explore innovative projects.

The Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) hopes to link the public sector with small businesses. Innovate UK and Oxford County Council will grant up to £250,000 to new projects that can incorporate traditional vehicles and modern challenges.

The selected innovations must be able to collect data from sources such as CCTV, traffic light control systems, and number plate recognition owned by Oxfordshire County Council. Chosen systems must also:

  • use information from sources on the Internet of Things and share this data with different teams and organisations
  • allow Oxfordshire County Council to identify data gaps
  • produce data metrics that can adapt to council policies, including changes in performance indicators.

Applicants are also prompted to include projects that allow communications between traffic management and drivers, systems which can identify modes of transport, utilise artificial intelligence, and integrate with other council functions such as emergency planning and social services.

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