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Government introduces ECO standard for energy efficiency contractors
- October 31, 2019

Low income homes that are in need of energy efficiency repairs will now be able to benefit from a new Energy Company Obligation (ECO) trading standard which will protect vulnerable households from cowboy builders.

The new ECO standard will ensure the provision of some £3.6Bn to protect approximately 300,000 homes per year from incompetent contractors and poor customer service and has also been established under the government quality standard ‘TrustMark’.

As a result, contractor businesses must now register through ‘TrustMark’ so that customers may then search the ‘TrustMark’ website in order to find a trustworthy contractor who can carry out any energy efficiency related works such as loft insulation and installation of double glazed windows.

This new government scheme builds upon the already established ‘TrustMark’ scheme which is in place to guarantee the good-quality of general business through ensuring that businesses meet industry standards, have good technical competence, trading practices, and customer service.

The Business, Energy, and Clean Growth Minister, Kwasi Kwarteng stated: “Driving up the energy efficiency of Britain’s homes is key to us reducing emissions from households, saving people money on their bills and helping us to end our contribution to global warming entirely by 2050.

“This new scheme will guarantee households the peace of mind that workers installing energy efficiency measures in their homes are trusted tradespeople.”

According to government data, around 15 per cent of British homes undertake energy efficiency improvements every year, allowing the industry to be worth an approximate figure of £20Bn per year while employing 150,000 people and selling exports worth £1Bn.

Furthermore, it is predicted that one quarter of all carbon emissions are released from homes, through the supply of electricity and heating, meaning that, if the Government is determined to achieve their target of achieving a net zero carbon emission output by 2050, home energy efficiency is an issue which needs to be tackled on a national scale.

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