English Counties call for ‘new deal’ from Government
David McQuade - July 25, 2017

County councils in England have called for a ‘new deal’ during the current Parliament, including devolved powers akin to those held by Britain’s major cities.

The County Councils’ Network (CCN) has published its wish list for the next five years, calling on ministers to forge ahead with the fair funding review in the absence of business rates legislation.

It also urged Whitehall to prioritise county economies and their role in securing economic growth when dishing out further devolved powers.

CCN chairman, Cllr Paul Carter, said:

If new deals are being agreed in other parts of the United Kingdom, then so should the areas that form the backbone of England’s society and economy.

‘If devolution can be achieved in our great cities, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, it can work for the great counties of England.

The potential of our economies and the desire of our 26 million residents for local decision making cannot be overlooked.”