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Delta eSourcing on G-Cloud 5
Heather Church - May 23, 2014

G-Cloud 5 is now live and BiP’s Delta eSourcing service has once again retained its place on the Framework.
Delta eSourcing is used for handling the full lifecycle of the tendering process from initial notification and publication of contract requirements, through creation and evaluation of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and/or the secure exchange of Invitation to Tender (ITT) documents, through to both contract award and contract management and optional reverse auctions.
The service is fully compliant with UK Regulations and European Directives and is available under Lot 3 Software as a Service (SaaS) on the G-Cloud. Once purchased it is available for immediate use to create, manage and run all values of contract opportunities and tender exercises.
The Government’s adoption of a ‘Cloud First’ policy makes it mandatory for buyers of IT products and services in central government to make purchases through the G-Cloud as their first option. Tony Singleton, Chief Operating Officer of the Government Digital Service, recently pointed out that while buying through G-Cloud provides savings of about 50% over traditional methods, it can also be very quick to search and implement services. In one extreme case, said Singleton, it took only three minutes to place a contract using G-Cloud.
You too could start using Delta eSourcing immediately – to find out more about Delta eSourcing or what BiP can do for your organisation, visit the website at www.delta-esourcing.com or contact GCloud@delta-esourcing.com.