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Decarbonisation Fund provides social rented homes with heating
- November 15, 2019

The Scottish Government have recently carried out a second round of funding as part of the Decarbonisation Fund, which seeks to provide cheaper and more effective heating to social rented properties.

Going into more detail, the Decarbonisation Fund will allocate a sum of £3M between a total of 11 social landlords, through a series of grants, to provide 900 properties with underfloor heating, ground source heat pumps, and solar panels as means of providing low-cost, sustainable heating.

The Scottish Housing Minister, Kevin Stewart stated: “A warm, energy efficient home means cheaper energy bills for tenants as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Last year 15,000 Scottish households saved more than £4.6M on fuel bills as a result of energy efficiency measures installed through the Scottish Government’s schemes, such as insulation, double glazing and heating controls.

“This funding will support our work to remove poor energy efficiency as a driver of fuel poverty, as well as helping meet our climate change targets.

“Social landlords are making excellent progress towards achieving the first Energy Efficiency Standard Social Standard for Housing, reporting that 85 per cent of social rented homes already meet the standard for 2020, with a new standard confirmed for 2032.

“This funding will help further landlords’ progress, encouraging innovative approaches and ideas.”

The Technology and Innovation Lead at Castle Rock Edinvar, a housing association in Edinburgh, Ben Dyer added: “Funds such as this offer social landlords a great opportunity to test new concepts and share the experience to the benefit of the environment and customers. Castle Rock Edinvar will continue to push for lower carbon solutions that improve living conditions for our customers and to promote environmental awareness.

“We are excited by the prospect of fitting existing housing stock with new technology that has the potential to have such a positive impact.”

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