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Croydon’s new tech-hub, TMRW, is here
Emma Kennedy - June 14, 2016

TMRW, a brand new technology hub providing flexible and affordable office space and support to tech-savvy entrepreneurs and small businesses, has opened its doors in Croydon.

The state-of-the-art working space was supported by £2m worth of investment, including a contribution from the Mayor of London’s Regeneration Fund for the fit out and a rent and rate free period from Croydon Council. It promises to be attractive to the capital’s most progressive technology businesses which are looking to scale up and grow fast in the emerging tech-capital of London.

With 21,000 sq ft of offices and state-of-the-art facilities, TMRW offers 320 desk spaces, a range of meeting and board rooms, and a 200-capacity technology-enabled events space. Alongside these facilities are a host of in-house business support services. These include web development, hosting and cloud services, public relations advice, recruitment, online customer acquisition, legal services, and accounting.

The newly opened scheme, in Davis House on the High Street, was first proposed by the council a year ago. It provides anyone who is looking for a place to develop and grow businesses related to technology or the arts with a sleek new working environment at the heart of Croydon. Users of TMRW’s facilities can also access unique business classes, organised meet-ups between people with complementary ideas, and a variety of activities that will help them network with the wider business community.

The building also provides space for emerging and established south London artists to display their work, and a café has been set up that focuses on the use of locally-sourced, in-season, freshly made food.

Councillor Mark Watson, cabinet member for economy and jobs said:

“This is a fantastic project that‘s gone from an idea to inception in under a year and is already helping build a community of entrepreneurs, thinkers, risk-takers, musicians, artists, investors, and businesses.

As a council it’s one of our priorities to bring business and employment opportunities into the town. TMRW is just the latest example of how we’re successfully doing this in Croydon – meaning we expect to see some £7billion invested here over the next few years. Right now we can see new offices and homes springing up in every direction, and the borough’s future is, without a shadow of a doubt, a bright one.”