Coventry CC to trial modular construction

Coventry City Council is to trial the use of volumetric modular construction homes in a bid to tackle housing shortage in the area.

Working in partnership with with Whitefriars Housing Association, the council-led project will see the Littlethorpe site in the Willenhall district of the city transformed to provide much-needed family housing.

The pilot project is based on the construction of two Totally Modular homes, one two-bedroom, and the other with three bedrooms. Work on the homes is set to begin in early 2019. As they can be built quickly and to exacting standards in a factory environment, it will not be long before they are transported to the Littlethorpe site where they will be lifted on to pre-built foundations and connected to water, gas and electricity supplies.

The homes will be built by Totally Modular Ltd at its factory in Cradley Heath before being transported to the site and installation will then take a matter of hours, hugely speeding up the process of creating new highly efficient top-quality homes.

Totally Modular houses are built around a strong steel frame and come in several sizes and configurations. Externally they can be clad in almost any building material, so can be made to match existing local styles or offer an exciting modern style. Built-in internal fittings are all to a high standard and include fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms, alongside already decorated bedrooms and living rooms.

The purpose of the project is to pilot the process and confirm the finished homes can offer a fast and efficient way to address the city’s housing needs. If successful, many modular homes could be built at various locations in and around Coventry, thus helping alleviate the shortage of social and affordable housing, while providing additional employment opportunities.

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