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Council awards new wood recycling contract
Heather Church - August 25, 2014

A new contract is set to ensure the continued recycling of waste wood for Bristol for the next two years.

Bristol City Council has been considering options for disposing of waste wood as its current agreement with local firm Boomeco is coming to an end.

Having assessed all options, including landfill and alternative providers, the council has chosen to award a new two year contract to Boomeco, coming in to effect immediately.

The firm were the most financially and environmentally competitive, passing several rigorous tests including environmental risk assessments and analysis of their equipment and waste treatment processes.

The alternative of sending wood to landfill would cost the city an extra £400k each year and reduce its waste recycling rate by around 3.5 per cent.

Council experts have taken special care to advise decision-makers on any potential impacts from the wood processing part of Boomeco’s business.  They’ve concluded that there should be no adverse impact on fly, noise or dust issues, as the processing takes place in a contained shed to limit noise and dust.  This advice is borne out by experience over the last 12 months, where wood processing has not resulted in any complaints of this nature.

The council has pledged to keep a close eye on the contract, requiring monthly reports from Boomeco about their arrangements and operations, including any complaints they receive and copies of Environment Agency inspection reports.

The council will also reserve the right to inspect the site and its operations at any time.

Cllr Gus Hoyt, Assistant Mayor for Neighbourhoods said: “This is a good value contract which will make sure we continue to recycle the city’s waste wood in an efficient way which has minimal environmental impacts.
The nature of the waste wood make flies a non-issue and the arrangements for reducing noise and dust should mean there is no cause for complaint.

“It goes without saying that we expect and demand a high standard of service and will keep a very close eye to make sure operations are problem-free and any issues are dealt with quickly and properly.”