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Costain and SWARCO create digital road signs
- August 21, 2019

The two companies Costain and SWARCO have entered into a joint partnership to provide British motorways with a new generation of digital road message signs on behalf of Highways England.

In dividing up the workload, it has been decided that Costain will work on developing the roadside controllers while SWARCO will be responsible for the development of the actual signs themselves, with the exciting upgrades feature of this pioneering technology being that messages can broadcast to road users more quickly.

Furthermore, the new signs will possess unique, high-resolution colour optical technology components which will provide road users with crystal clear messages regardless of any adverse weather conditions, delivering important safety recommendations and updating road users on congestion and road accidents.

The Managing Director of Transportation at Costain, Ian Parker stated: “Costain is leading the way in the use of digital technologies on the strategic road network and changing the landscape in how road users use road signs, improving safety and journey experience.”

New and innovative methods of design and production have also been implemented in order to make the new signs more cost effective and manageable for highways maintenance staff, with such methods including reduction materials like cabling.

One other interesting feature of the new signs is that they will be capable of broadcasting video footage of traffic on the roads ahead to motorists who are stuck in congestion.

The Vice President of ITS UK and APMEA at SWARCO, Jeremy Cowling added: “SWARCO is extremely proud to have worked with Costain on this project. We are at the forefront in developing low power, sustainable technologies to make our roads safer. This results in highly legible, environmentally friendly road signs which also minimise maintenance time and costs.”

The first of these signs to be produced have been installed on the busy A14 dual carriageway between Cambridge and Huntingdon while other motorways, such as the M20, M23, and M1, will be fitted with the signs throughout the rest of 2019 and 2020.

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