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CompeteFor & National Grid
Nick Frame - October 26, 2016

BiP Solutions has secured a 12-month pilot project for supply chain development on National Grid’s Richborough Connection infrastructure project.

Richborough Connection is one of National Grid’s new sources of energy. The project will provide a new high-voltage electricity link between Belgium and Richborough, known as the Nemo Link, with National Grid building a new connection to join Richborough to its existing network approximately 20km away.

To gather the talent needed for the BiP Richborough Connection project, BiP has developed a CompeteFor Partner site.

Mary Carmichael is leading on the project for BiP. She said:”It is great that a high-profile organisation will see the benefit of engaging the supply chain – and see BiP as a leader in the market. The Richborough Connection pilot will run for a 12-month period and feature several named tier one suppliers, with the goal of rolling out across the whole of the National Grid organisation.”