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CompeteFor Industry Analysis: IT
Nick Frame - January 19, 2016

We recently began the ‘CompeteFor Industry Analysis’ series whereby the top industry sectors that are currently seeing investment are highlighted. As an SME, if you can target these sectors either directly or via the wider supply chain then you will undoubtedly start to see the benefits. This week sees part two of the series which directly focuses on the IT industry.

The Facts

Digital communications is expected to be worth £221bn to the UK economy by 2016, accounting for 12.4% of UK GDP. In three years time the UK market could be worth £1.13bn.

“A little over a year ago this Government set out an ICT strategy focused on making Government technology cheaper, more transparent, more innovative and flexible- with more opportunities for new supplier , including SMEs.

Digital is not just another channel; it is the delivery choice for this generation.” – Francis Maude


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