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CompeteFor Industry Analysis: Environmental
Nick Frame - February 10, 2016

The CompeteFor Industry Analysis draws to a close this week with the Environmental sector coming under the microscope.

For all prospective SMEs looking to get involved in procurement, the CompeteFor Industry Analysis series is the perfect jumping off point to start examining the top industries and sectors currently seeing massive Government investment and reveals the opportunities on offer in each industry.

Energy underpins the operation of a successful economy and allows other infrastructure networks to function. As a result, it is central to the Government’s plans to fuel the economic recovery and generate growth.

£274.9bn has been earmarked for energy projects across 70 individual programmes in the UK over the next 10 years. Specialist areas such as oil and gas, renewable energy, water and wind and electric will benefit from this impressive investment.

Expert Comment

‘This Government is focused on securing a better future for Britain. And that includes energy security. Our modern society simply cannot function without power. Energy security has to be the number one priority.’

Amber Rudd MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Institution of Civil Engineers announcement 18 November 2015


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