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Common Assessment Standard to increase construction productivity.
- September 13, 2019

SCS Railways joint venture has participated in creating a new construction pre-qualification system aimed at cutting inefficiencies currently costing the construction industry up to £1bn a year. Two of the sector’s biggest representative organisations, Build UK and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), joined forces two years ago to deliver the new PQQ system and have just launched its first phase. Organisations looking for opportunities with HS2 and the Main works civil contractors are encouraged to consider the Common Assessment Standard as an assurance accreditation.


SCS JV published the launch in their external magazine which can be found here: https://issuu.com/platformscs/docs/issue.46-scs-book?fr=sYzllODEyNjA


Further information on the Common Assessment Standard can be found on the Build UK website: https://builduk.org/priorities/increasing-productivity/pre-qualification/