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CITB warns 250,000 extra workers required
- June 23, 2022

Substantial recruitment and training challenges are facing the construction industry.

266,000 – Additional workers will be required to meet UK construction demand by 2026

53,200 workers per year required, up from last year’s figure of 43,000

2.78 million – Workers employed in construction industry by 2026

The CITB has warned of a severe shortage of workers for the construction industry in its latest Construction Skills Network report.

More than a quarter of a million extra construction workers may be needed by 2026, according to the report which provides insights into the UK construction economy and its future labour needs.

The data it produces highlights forecasted trends and how the industry is expected to change year-on-year, allowing governments and businesses to understand the current climate and plan for the future.

The latest report looks at the state of the industry over the coming five years and warns that a substantial recruitment and training programme will be required for the industry to meet demand in the sector.

The good news is that growth is forecast across the whole of UK  – leading to an increased demand for workers, sectors such as private housing, infrastructure, and repair and maintenance may struggle to deliver through staff shortages. The largest increases in annual demand will be for occupations such as carpenters/joiners and construction managers, along with a range of technical roles. These include electronics technicians, civil engineering technicians, estimators and valuers, as well as office-based support staff.

CITB CEO Tim Balcon, said: “Construction is vital in supporting the backbone of the UK economy. These future growth projections are encouraging after the stalling effects of the pandemic. However, this is set against a current backdrop of higher energy costs, material shortages, and associated price inflation that is currently hitting companies across the sector.

“Recruitment and developing a highly skilled workforce will be by far the construction industry’s biggest challenges over the next five years. However, industry has a lot to offer and needs to use its many strengths to attract and retain top talent in a competitive recruitment landscape”.

The report comes as the CITB urges industry and government to come together in refreshing the way the industry hires and trains, making construction an attractive place for everyone to work. Hampered by an image crisis and stark figures relating to male depression and suicide, the industry needs and overhaul to be able to fulfil its potential.

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