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Cabinet Secretary announces £7.8 million to Prevent Homelessness
David McQuade - January 16, 2017

The Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children Carl Sargeant has announced £7.8 million for the Homelessness Prevention Programme for 2017/18.

The grant supports Local Authorities and third sector organisations to deliver front line services to prevent homelessness. It helps people who are affected by homelessness through the provision of night shelters, hostels, outreach work, mediation and bond schemes as well as providing a substantial network of advice services.

One of the organisations who will receive funding in 2017/18 is Barnardos Cymru who manage the BAYS Mediation & Home Support service which aims to prevent homelessness in the Swansea area by supporting young people to settle arguments and differences with their family.

Announcing the funding, Carl Sargeant said:

“Providing people with a safe, warm and secure home remains a key priority. Local authorities have made a positive start in implementing the legislation we introduced last year to help everyone who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. As well as helping local authorities build on this work, the funding will help projects provide services directly to people to address their housing problems.

Our legislation means more people than ever before are getting help at an earlier stage so that homelessness can be prevented. I would urge anyone who thinks they are at risk of becoming homeless to seek advice and help. The earlier you get advice, the less likely you are to become homeless.