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Bidding opens on £1Bn refit and refurb framework
- November 24, 2022

Pagabo has opened bidding for its latest construction framework – the second generation of its Refit and Refurbishment framework – following the publication of tender documents.

The new generation of the framework will run for four years from March 2023, providing a compliant and collaborative route to market for public and private sector clients to procure refit and refurbishment works valued at £50,000 and above.

With a total value of £1Bn and to meet the demand for Pagabo’s ever-growing base of national clients across all major business sectors, the framework will be split into five value-based lots:

  • Lot 1 – £50k to £500k
  • Lot 2 – £500k to £1m
  • Lot 3 – £1m to £5m
  • Lot 4 – £5m to £15m
  • Lot 5 – £15m+

Under these lots, up to nine contractors will be allocated to each regional sub lot, comprising six core and three reserve suppliers. A number of these places are reserved for SMEs to ensure fair access for organisations of any size, to provide ample choice for clients, and to ensure the generation of maximum positive social impact for communities.

Jason Stapley, managing director at Pagabo, said: “After gathering expressions of interest, we’re encouraged with the response to our latest construction framework offering and are welcoming bids ahead of launching next year.

“To ensure we are not resting on our laurels, this second-generation of the framework has been developed by feedback from the contracting authority, existing client organisations and interested suppliers that were familiar with the original version.

“We have an understanding of what has worked well in the past and what is needed to enable procurement fit for the future in line with recognised best practices for the construction industry. Our framework offerings are available for up to four years, so it’s vital that we futureproof them as best as we can.”

Client organisations that use the framework and the appointed contractors will have access to a free version of Loop’s social value software for all procured projects – a feature of all Pagabo’s frameworks. This access will allow reporting so that it is easier demonstrate the social value being generated through projects.

Public and private sector framework users will be able to appoint suppliers via direct award or competition depending on their requirements. Suppliers on the core list will be eligible for direct appointments and further competitions, and those on the reserve list will only be eligible for direct appointments. However, they will be included in further competitions should not enough from the core list respond to a further competition expression of interest.

Interested suppliers must submit bid documents via the procurement portal by 12:00 on 11 January 2023 and can expect to hear whether they have been successfully appointed ahead of the framework launching in March 2023.

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