BAM Nuttall uses AI to test concrete strength

While carrying out works on their latest project to expand the London City Airport, the construction and property development company BAM Nuttall have employed the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the durability of various different kinds of concrete.

In carrying out these concrete strength tests, BAM Nuttall collaborated with the technology company Converge who, using funding from an Innovate UK grant in 2018, have developed a concrete strength prediction engine using a performance data set.

Going into further detail, Converge’s prediction engine can calculate the time at which the critical strength will be reached for concrete that has been poured within a matter of hours, with predictions being accurate within a margin of five per cent over or five per cent under the exact time.

The calculations that are involved apply machine learning techniques to local weather data, a database of historical concrete curing data, and the Converge concrete monitoring platform’s real-time measurements from the concrete pour.

Converge state that predictions that can be produced increase productivity on building sites and both they and BAM Nuttall are encouraged by the results at the London City Airport.

The Head of Innovation at BAM Nuttall, Colin Evison stated: “This advancement in construction technology is a game changer. The Converge prediction engine gives us insight into material performance we did not think possible. We are delighted to be Converge’s industry partner in bringing this exciting new tool to market.”

The Converge Product Lead, Sam Ellenby added: “Our users were waiting for concrete to hit a critical strength before scheduling the next activity, but this often meant that the site teams needed to strike formwork or tension the slab were deployed in other areas when the time came to act. Thus, critical actions were frequently delayed.”

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