Aggregate Industries supplies racing surface

Aggregate Industries entered into a partnership with Tidey and Webb Ltd to provide a fresh surface to the racetrack at Goodwood House ahead of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, one of the country’s most famous racing events.

Two days before the commencement of the annual event, Tidey and Webb Ltd civil engineering contractors were appointed to ensure that the track surface was up to standard in preparation for the extreme wear they would be subjected to during the event itself, especially during the drifting event which takes place on a track named ‘The Arena’.

Tidey and Webb then contacted Aggregate Industries and requested an asphalt surface that would be compactable, strong, durable, and would set quickly enough in time for the commencement of the Festival of Speed, leading Aggregate Industries to recommend their Supreme asphalt.

Contractors then worked continuously to supply and lay 20 tonnes of the asphalt at a consistent thickness of ten millimetres across the track at areas where the need was most urgent.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed General Manager, Dan Garlick stated: “The repair work was completed in the Arena in under 36 hours, which was ideal given our time constraints.

“We’re delighted with the performance of Aggregate Industries’ Supreme asphalt and the work of Tidey and Webb Ltd, which allowed us to support a heavy programme of cars drifting in hot conditions. We will definitely bear Supreme in mind when resurfacing is required in future.”

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is an annual motoring event featuring multiple stands, exhibitions, and circuits displaying a wide variety of both vehicles and driving styles, perhaps the most notable events being the infamous ‘wall climb’, with a predicted attendance of 20,000 over the four day period.

The General Manager of Asphalt in the South at Aggregate Industries, Simon Wycherley added: “Goodwood Festival of Speed is an iconic event, and it was vital to use a product that could withstand the unique needs of its Arena course.

“Supreme asphalt is highly compactable, as well as strong and durable, and proved the ideal fit. We are pleased with the final result and are delighted to contribute to a successful Festival of Speed.”

The Goodwood Festival of Speed has been running since 1993.

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