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A63 footbridge to be installed in Hull
- October 25, 2019

The delivery of a new footbridge over the A63 in Hull will enter a new phase in the early stages of next month with the transportation of the assembled structure into its final position, connecting Princes Quay and the marina.

The new footbridge, which will serve pedestrians and cyclists, forms the first stage of the A63 Castle Street Road Improvement Scheme and will span a distance of some 60m over the A63 dual carriageway, linking the southern end of the Princes Dock with the Hull Marina.

The bridge will consist of a 150 tonne frame that features a curving steel canopy, fitted with viewing balconies so that members of the public can enjoy views of the waterfront on one side and the city on the other, with landscaped public areas planned on either side of the bridge once it is installed.

Completion of the bridge will be achieved in the spring of 2020, while the project itself has been partly funded by a £4M investment from the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership’s local growth fund programme.

The Highways England Project Manager, Tom Peckitt stated: “It is fantastic that we have reached this critical milestone for the project as we prepare to position the bridge into place. Once the bridge is installed at its final location the construction team will still have lots of work to do including installing the ramps and steps and completing the marina platform and landscaping.

“To get the fully assembled bridge to site it will be driven on four mobile platforms out of Myton Street car park, along the A63 then manoeuvred in a sequence of turns into its final position.

“I am really pleased we are taking this next important step and it has taken a lot of complex work to reach this stage. I want to thank drivers for their patience whilst we move the bridge.”

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